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MYSTICTAN - spray-on tanning!MysticTan, the 38 second spray tan, with no UV lights, in a totally private booth

MagneTan Technology

Mystic Tan didnt only invent spray-on tanning, it perfected it. 15 million tans can't be wrong!

Why does Mystic Tan give you the best tan?
The secret is in our premier application process. All of our booths come equipped with MagneTan technology, which uses your bodys own magnetic properties to attract Mystic Tan Tanning Myst to every exposed surface of your skin. When the Tanning Myst passes through the spray nozzles in a Mystic Tan booth, the micro-particles of Tanning Myst become polarized, taking on the characteristic of tiny magnets. When you stand on the MagneTan plate in a Mystic Tan booth, the particles adhere evenly to the entire surface of your skin.

The result? 
A consistently smooth, natural-looking tan.  Read our articles on Mystic Tan.

MysticTan, the 38 second spray tan, with no UV lights, in a totally private booth

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4814 Haviland St, Ladner, BC, V4K 3V3, BC, Canada  Phone: 604.946.1611
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