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Cheer yourself up with a tan

January is so...blah with grey skies, rain, cold temps and darkness most of the time. The sun seems to have moved south for the winter. It's enough to make you feel SAD. Below we talk about how tanning can help make you feel better at this gloomy time of year.

Cheer yourself up...go get a tan!

There is an undeniable "rush" that comes with a tanning session. The best way to describe it is a kind of "self-satisfaction". Here are some of the reasons it feels so-o-o good:

• Tans make you look healthy - glowing golden skin is visually appealing and some believe that a tanned body looks fitter and slimmer than a pale one. That's got to make you feel good!
• The warmth of the beds - Heat penetrates the body, relaxing muscles, increasing the blood flow toward the surface which flushes away impurities and the chemicals in the muscles which cause soreness.
• De-stressing - Taking time away from the stresses in life to simply lie or stand still in the light can be relaxing and therefore create a happier, more relaxed mood.
• Light therapy - SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a contributor to the January blues. It comes from the lack of sunlight in winter causing our internal "clock" to become unbalanced. SAD is associated with a seasonal increase in suicides. It is treated by being exposed to bright artificial sunlight.

These and other reasons are responsible for the feel-good rush that comes with tanning.

Oh yeah,
I feel better

Look for more informative articles about the equipment at Hawaiian Beach Tanning Salon in upcoming issues of our newsletter, until then, relax and enjoy yourself at Hawaiian Beach.

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