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Article published in The Delta Optimist, January 29, 2011:


Get your Vitamin D activated with every sunbed session at Hawaiian Beach Salon in Ladner Village behind Pharmasave

We believe we are part of the solution!
We have known for about ten years that the bulbs we use in our sunbeds at Hawaiian Beach do, like the sun in moderation, help your skin to activate your Vitamin ‘D’ - Not eight or one hundred glasses of milk! But only two years ago was it legal for us to tell the public this! Experts tell us it would be difficult if not impossible to get enough Vitamin ‘D’ from our food. Some people do not like “popping pills”. So 99% of you can get your extremely important Vitamin ‘D’ activated in a controlled manner naturally in the sunbeds at Hawaiian Beach.

  • Some researchers are suggesting anywhere from 1000 up to 6000 I.U. of Vitamin D is needed daily.
  • The American Cancer Society says that the melanoma incidence is “stable” - their key document measuring cancer rates in the U.S. “Cancer Facts and Figures” says melanoma rates have not increased since 2000 and that rates are declining for women under 50 - directly contradicting what A.C.S. lobbyists have testified to state, legislative panels this year. The A.C.S. “Cancer Facts and Figures” 2008 reports the death rate for melanoma has been decreasing rapidly in whites younger than 50 by 3% per year since 1991 in men and by 2.3% per year since 1985 in women.
  • 85% of our clients are Ladies.

Are we part of the solution?















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