Hawaiian Beach Tanning Salon, most popular tanning salon in South Delta BC, Mystic Tan, spray tan, indoor tanning, infrared sauna
Tel 604.946.1611
4814 Haviland St, Ladner, BC

We are Sunshine & Fitness & Winners of the Optimist Readers Choice Award 11 Years

Some Important facts to make you Look Good and Feel Good:

A customer survey told us the top 6 reasons for using Hawaiian Beach

  • Clean sanitized salon
  • Certified knowledgable staff
  • Convenient location
  • Quality equipment
  • Attractive price, service & promotions


“I have suffered deep muscle back pain for over 4 years now and have tried everything and nothing seemed to provide more than temporary relief till recently I tried the infra heat sauna at Hawaiian Beach Tanning Salon and I now have better control of my muscular pain. I can easily go weeks between sessions before the pain returns. I was the first client to use the sauna and I was truly a non believer I was yah whatever I have been in saunas before they do nothing more than sweat you... this was different the infra heat really gets down into the muscle tissue and just loosens those knotted muscle good.”
M.C., Ladner

“As soon as my Psoriasis begins to appear I go to Hawaiian Beach”

R.H., Ladner

“Hawaiian Beach sunbeds help ease my Psoriasis”

W.G., Ladner

“The U.V. rays help to ease my winter blues”

“The Jiggle Machines (Whole Body Vibration) make me feel good in so many ways that several of us are buying the machines from Hawaiian Beach after using their monthly packages there”


“I like the color I get in the Mystic Spray Tan booth”

Dr. Mark Sorenson, author of Solar Power for Optimal Health says “U.V.B. makes Vitamin D naturally - that’s why I am a regular tanner.”

Finally visit researcher Dr. Cedric Garland and brother Frank Garland on the web. Also Breast Cancer survivor Carole Baggerly (Web Grassroots Health). Some staff of Hawaiian Beach have sat in on 2 of her lectures - Powerful. We have also attended lectures on Vitamin D and U.V. light by Dr. Marc Sorenson, Dr. Michael Holick, Dr. (Bill) W. Grarnt (ex NASSA), Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council, Dr. Roland Vieth Canada Vitamin D expert from Toronto.

Some reasons we are Sunshine & Health!

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4814 Haviland St, Ladner, BC, V4K 3V3, BC, Canada  Phone: 604.946.1611
Open Monday-Friday 9am-8pm; Saturday 9am-6pm; Sunday 10am-6pm

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