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Vitamin D Deficiency Drains $9 Billion
from Canadian Health Care system

Research this year has left no doubt that Vitamin D deficiency - which affects 97% of Canadians in winter - is nothing less than a Canadian crisis and world wide problem.
Dr. William Grant (www. sunarc.org) calculates the cost of Vitamin D deficiency to be no less than $9 billion annually.
A Creighton University study this year showed that people rich in Vitamin D have up to a 77% lower overall cancer risk.
In September the Canadian Pediatric Society recommended that pregnant women consult their physicians about getting 2000 I.U. of Vitamin D daily - 10 times the current government recommendations.
The Canadian Cancer Society has called for all Canadian adults to get 1000 I.U. of Vitamin D daily.
The key message the Vitamin D Society wants Canadians to receive is: that we are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency because of our country’s relatively weak sunshine most of the year and the fact that Vitamin D is rare in diet.
With thanks to the Vitamin D Society for this info, who incidentally recommends asking your doctor for an annual blood test to check your Vitamin D levels. Optimal Vitamin D blood levels are 50ng/ml (125nmol/L). Calcidiol Test.

The bulbs we use at Hawaiian Beach Tanning Salon can, in most cases, give you this optimum level of Vitamin D.

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