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Sunscreen And Our Fear Of The Sun!*

It has been estimated that the worldwide sales of sun protection related products exceeds $35 billion dollars.

After millions of years of human evolution being exposed to sunlight many of us have in only the past 20 years or so become fearful of going out in the sun without sunscreen, a message we think has gone too far. Currently sunscreen manufacturers donate funds to dermatology organizations. The message from these organizations has been to wear sunscreen in some cases 365 days a year. Check out the links below:

$50,000+ Grants

It has been estimated that the sale of sun protective products generates over $35 billion annually worldwide.

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$5000 Per Product

Click here for a list of products that Sunscreen manufacturers pay to have the Canadian Dermatology Association endorse their products.

Although the JCTA agrees with dermatologists that we need to avoid sunburn and excessive exposure we feel that telling people to stay out of the sun altogether is too extreme. The human race has evolved over millions of years being exposed to sunlight.

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*From http://www.tanawareness.com/sunscreen.php

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